Linger - Maggie Stiefvater OMGOODNESS! This sequel was really good. I could not put this one down. I thought the pacing with this one was alot better than the 1st book but I find that I love both stories equally the same. What I wasn't 2 fond of was Isabel. I didn't like her in the 1st book & I wasn't happy about her getting more page time in this one. She was still just as irritating, selfish & self centered as ever. And although I felt for her because of the loss of her brother Jack in book 1, she still failed to redeem herself in my eyes with her "dealing" with Jack's death in this book. Yes, she helped out. Albeit reluctantly, but she helped. Yes she told the cold hard truth when no one else wanted to face the facts. But this still didn't change my view of who she is 2 the core.

Cole. I was a bit concerned how he was going to fit into this world, and I think he was woven in superbly. There is a huge surface factor u have to get past where Cole is concerned before u start to care or want to care what happens to him. I think the layers that begin to be pulled back to reveal Cole's true nature, his heart, was executed beautifully. And there is much more I believe we will get to see in the final book about him.. There were so many heartbreaking & flat out gut twisting scenes in this book. I loved it.

I also loved & hated the fact that now, after all these years & especially during this time, that Grace's parents decided it's time to start acting like parents. This dynamic I understood from both sides which is why I loved & hated it. What I mean is her parents choosing to take a stand and try 2 keep Grace from the one love in her life that in so many ways literally could mean life or death to her, & try to replace it with theirs which has been absent for majority of her life. It's sad because in Grace's eyes it's 2 little 2 late. And what she needs they could not possibly begin to understand. Their ignorance to these facts could quite literally kill her.

And of course the LOVE we witness between Grace & Sam still all the more beautiful than the 1st time we were introduced to it. U saw these 2 grow individually. And I felt for Sam. His dealing with being human and having to deal and face the responsibilities passed down to him as far as the pack is concerned. Him loving his life now but still being very much apart of his pack family because they need him, while @ the same time being set apart from it cuz all he wants is a normal life to be free to live & love Grace. But he misses his pack. Not the pack way of life, but the ones he shared that life with. It was heartbreaking. I really love this series so far and I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this series. I highly recommend u read both books!