Dreamfever  - Karen Marie Moning This one was by far the hardest one for me to get through. Not because it sucked or anything. For one it is a bit longer than the 1st three books, but the beginning, it comes off as very clipped. Things happen very fast it seems with no breathing room. The 1st few chapters are told from Dani & Mac's POV's only. And once you get the gist of what's happening u understand why everything is appearing kinda in fast forward mode. Clipped and left with gaps. The 1st half of this book is jarring, shocking, intense. U get the feel like ur in an alternate universe compared to the one we have been shown throughout this series. And I guess this would be accurate in describing this is exactly how Mac was feeling & preceiving things around her. Although she isn't quite aware yet that this is not her true reality. It's one she has been forced into & she must begin the journey of fighting to bring herself back.

Now the reason I gave this one 4 stars is because once Mac is back, and trying to reclaim her will in every sense of the word, she has to fight Ms. Rowena (I cannot stand this woman) & she starts to stumble across her lineage as well. (which I loved) In some parts though, this story sort of dragged for me. I wasn't really interested in the whole "getting all the sidhe-seers on Mac's side" they seemed like puppets 2 me through this entire series, & it just felt like because they haven't really been a dominant presence in the series so far, that they were thrown into the mix more to fill pages. I was only interested really in Dani cuz I feel like she has something hidden that has not come to light yet, and Rowena cuz I want to know what it is that she really knows & if she is what I think she is, I'm hoping to see her get her a** kicked!

But then the story starts to pick up again & it makes u even more anxious to know who and what Barrons is as well as the deal with he and V'lane & if V'lane is actually in love with Mac or not. What V'lane does for Mac in this one truly made me cry. He was such a sweetheart... Barrons I knew I called it right where he was concerned, when I opened the 1st book to this series. I knew I would be jumping back & forth between loving & hating this man but ultimately agreeing to being his B****! I am as whipped as they come for this man.. er.. Whatever the heck he is. I have been beyond ready to know. I have my suspicions especially after finishing this book, but I'm not sure & won't be until it's spelled out for me.

All in all this was another great chapter to this series. I highly recommend this read.