Mine to Take  - Dara Joy Whew! Okay. This book is actually listed inside the books, as the 2nd book in the series. I read it out of sequence by mistake, but was still able to follow the story.

I can't believe I never heard of these books before.. This one is a very sensual, erotic, romantic, & suspenseful story. Which has an interesting and refreshing take on shifters and their world. It has a bit of a futuristic/sci-fi tone, but not too much. I really liked this one. And all of the characters were well written. It is a short novel, but there is so much story within, that you will not feel as though something is missing. I highly recommend this read. I am starting book 1 "Knight of a Trillion Stars" and then will be moving on to book 3 "Rejar" His story I am very eager to read.