Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian Let me start with what I love about this book. I loved the 1st half. The writing, the premise, and the plot twists alone, were written superbly. This one has alot of suspense, a trade mark to the Breed novels. I love that I got to touch base with all of the Warriors & their mates. U can't help but to care about them all and just because their books ended doesn't mean they are no longer important to us readers.

Hunter, of course! What is not to love about this strong, silent "Hero" Even though we only met him 4 books prior, he was immediately intriguing to me. I wanted to know this guy's story. I felt very protective of him. Even though he had yet to show us if he would be an ally or enemy to the Order. All I knew was that I wanted Hunter to know some of the beauty this world has to offer. Knowing where he came from, his very existence in the only world he knew & what he endured was just heartbreaking.

I do like that we get a more than brief preview of our Beloved Chase as well. I do think that he was just as front and center as Hunter was & was sort of approaching that thin line of taking the spot light, but not quite crossing it. Thank Goodness! Cuz this is Hunter's story and we'll have Chase soon enough. But it is a good set up for his book next year..

Now with all this, the reason why I give this one a 3.5 star rating is due to Corinne & Hunter's chemistry or lack there of. I did not care for her even when we got her back story from Brock in his book. I was a little worried when it was revealed that she would be Hunter's love interest. But I took it in stride hoping to be pleasantly surprised. NO such luck. I'm sorry 2 say. This pairing left much to be desired.

The intensity that you felt with the other mates was not even present with these two. And I was hoping because of the type of Breed Hunter is, that once these foreign feelings of love, caring, possessiveness, & sexual awakening took hold of him, it would prove to be even more intense. Just because these are feelings he has never known, it would seem 2 be the natural progression that would occur. But it didn't. The romance with he and Corinne fell flat to me. And there is nothing present in her personality or otherwise that complimented him. They were just not "yin" to the other's "yang"...

Lastly, the ending.. There was just something missing and I can't quite put my finger on it. There were things that were pleasantly surprising & obvious cliff hangers. But the writing became choppy, and the emotions displayed came off as rushed with a half hearted attempt at sincerity or depth of the emotional conflicts displayed in certain scenes during the last 4 chapters. Overall this book was still a pretty good read & a good addition to this series. I just feel that for my beloved Hunter, Ms. Adrian could have done a much better job. Although these books can be read as stand alones I would highly recommend you follow this series in sequence. Overall I think this series is excellent. And I recommend this read.