Mortal Temptations - Allyson James There was nothing "tempting" about this story. And the only thing "mortal" about it was it showing the truth about how sick & utterly twisted some mortals can be. Mainly the one who wrote this. Nothing interesting about it except maybe ( that's a small maybe) the brief references and limited info concerning the greek myths, gods, goddesses, etc.. This story was all over the place. Allyson had no clue where she wanted, needed, or should have gone with this book.

Love scenes- nothing erotic or emotional about these. In a word SICK!!!
There is nothing heart warming, love felt, erotic or sensual & sexy about watching and requesting the love of your life to have all kinds of kinky anal and oral sex with his best friend. (who is a guy by the way) Moving on...

I'm utterly insulted that the two females in this story are well accomplished, driven intelligent beautiful women, yet they find these men or demigods participation in these acts not only mind blowingly sexy but unable to deny. WHATEVER.. The dialogue in most cases sucked. I'm really ticked off cuz just when I thought this story was about to redeem itself, something completely off the wall and again sick, would happen and ruin it. PLEASE, PLEASE HEED MY ADVICE AND DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK! Lots of pointless m/f/m & m/m sex scenes. The Plot is simple.

This whole book leaves you left with a simple question WHY? And feeling drained, as if you've finished watching a 4 hour movie you didn't understand. To sum this one up UGH!!! And I mean that.