Seduced by the Wolf  - Terry Spear Okay this one was hard to get through for me. Majority of the book the characters spend way too much time with their inner thoughts & feelings, which led to very limited interactions with each other. Which made the story seem to drag on forever. Second: All the action was spent way too long in the woods and in wolf form. It felt unbalanced to me. If you are writing about wolves who happen to be human as well, wouldn't there be a more balanced scope of their wolf and human sides? At least that is what I have grown accustomed to seeing when reading these types of books.

3rd: there was barely any heat in the romance department with the Alpha Pack leader Leidolf & Cassie.. Kind of boring actually. And PG-13 at best.. Now Carver and Cassie's cousin Aimee, I was more interested in and would not mind reading their story if they have one. Of course I have started this series with reading this book (the 5th one) so I'm confident that I may like the others. I will just take it as this may have been one of those books, that could be the least favorite in a series. Which happens alot when you are reading a series with 5 or more books in it.

Never the less things picked up and got a bit better during the last 5 or 6 chapters. Those who have followed this series from start to this point will probably like this book. Those in the same boat as me, I would say don't pass up on reading this one if you are thinking about it. It is not a total bust.