Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Okay I have 3 major things that I did not like about this book:
1. Why does Katniss always pass out or is knocked out during a major battle? Then after its over we are given a summary of what we missed? This has been Katniss's MO the entire series, and I was hoping that at least in this final book, the battle leading up to the final close, we would have an opportunity to actually be there for it.

2. KATNISS TICKED ME OFF with how quickly she just wrote Peeta off.. You know what they did to him! You know it was not his fault, but yet you just become angry with him? Indifferent? WTHeck?! I can understand her being hurt, but the misplaced anger, no, not acceptable at all.

3. Once again, Katniss's mom leaves her when she needs her the most! NOT COOL AT ALL!

Aside from these set backs, the story and how things unfolded, kept me glued to this book. I could not put it down. I love how it all came together. I loved the ending.. This one was a bittersweet one. I cried just about the entire second half of this book. I cried tears of joy, anger, and sorrow. This was a great close to this series. I highly recommend this read.