Adam (Nightwalkers, #6) - Jacquelyn Frank Okay, this doesnt feel like a Nightwalker novel to me.. It doesnt feel like any of the first 5 books in this series. That being said, its not a bad read, it's just a little weird to read about all the characters you've come to know, like, or love in this series, but you're reading about them in a completely different setting it seems. Not a Nightwalker one. And that's a little disconcerting. But the story is quite gripping.

What I didnt like about this one, was the romance. It just did not grip me. Adam and Jasmine are great on their own, but together? No they didn't mesh well at all for me. Their romance was not even luke warm in my opinion. Not enough time spent on them for one, and not a strong enough foundation to make you care if they get together or not.

I was more than happy that this one did not really focus on their romance as much. What kept me glued to this one is we get to see everyone that we've come to know in this series. And we see a great deal of them. Also the action and the plot was intense. I love the ending with Jacob and Adam. I really wish we could have gotten more time with them on this front. Because we don't, due to other things going on, this ending feels a bit rushed. Incomplete. But over all this was a pretty good read. It's my least favorite of the series, but still a good read nonetheless.