Eternal Kiss - Laura Wright OMGOODNESS! This one has so much going on but this is a good thing. The way the stories/plot unfolds and how they are all connected is just awesome.. I could not put this book down.

Except I am missing one thing.. In the beginning. It doesn't make sense to me why or how Mariebelle was mistaken for the target.. Unless I'm missing something. Just went right over my head.... Nevermind I just figured it out. LOL

But Alexander, Nicholas, and my beloved Lucian oh how I've missed them.. And Gray?! He breaks my heart. Ladd pulls at your heart strings as well.. And the villians! WOW..

I love the way this plot is unfolding concerning these brothers and I can't wait to read Gray's & Lucian's story. I love this series I highly recommend you read it!