Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Okay.. What to say about this one. Besides the fact that I loved it and could not be moved from my laptop for a day! The reason I give this one only 4 stars is because I'm not completely sure or should I say comfortable, with how I feel about Knight. He was a very different, lovely, complicated, simple, compassionate, passionate, cutthroat, 'REAL' dominate type of "Bad" guy. A complete contradiction. But truly with a heart so pure, that it's undeniable & impossible for you not to fall in love with him. You've seen his traits in all kinds of bad & good guys as well, when it comes to the alpha males we read. But Knight, honestly, is all of them rolled into one. I found myself, I guess feeling alot like Anya did. Wondering if you should run to or away from this man. Love or hate. Kiss or kick. I mean emotionally. WOW!! This book was a lot. I loved how their stories unfold. You get a sense of who these two are, what drives them. And rather you agree or not, you understand and are compassionate about their plight. As individuals as well as a couple. I loved the supporting characters as well.

I love this story but there is nothing really over the top, grand, about this story. What makes it great are the motions of everyday life for these people. Nothing paranormal, sci-fi, etc.. Just something that's real and probably happens to so many people everyday. But it was remarkable nonetheless. Knight has a "potty" mouth on him though LOL! But duly note that chivalry is not dead with this man ;)

I'm so hooked that I am going to re-read this one. Probably tonight. I can't wait for the next installment to this series.. THANK YOU MAMA DHES FOR THIS GIFT!!!!!