Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley This one is my least fave in this series. I hate to say that cos I love Mitch. But I was very disappointed with this one. I only give it 2 stars cos the last 6 chapters, things started to come together. With heart, soul, & the sense that not only Mitch's chosen one, (Mara) got some sense, but that maybe just maybe, she was actually worth the headaches. Me personally, I thought only the children were worth it.

Now the reason why I feel this way about Mara is because her constant ramblings about this "2.5-10.5" scoring system, concerning what class people belonged in and her obvious extreme low self-esteem, ran my nerves ragged. So much so, that I found myself growling at my laptop. Often, as she would revert back to this way of thinking often. So it always left me with the impression that she is so not worthy of Mitch, and why oh why is he wasting his time with her? He could help her out as a friend, lead her to the right path in what she would need to care for these children, but why he felt so strongly about her I didn't get. Her attitude about herself was a complete turn off and she just did not seem like the type of woman a man like Mitch would want let alone bend over backward to take on her and all the apparent life altering baggage that came along with her.

Also the story with her family, yes it's common it happens alot. And it's heart breaking, but the way it was executed here left me feeling like it was very much contrived, and it just did not strike a real cord with me.

Maybe I would have liked this story more if we got more of Mitch's POV. But 90% of this story is from Mara's POV, and her's is beyond annoying.

As I said the last 6 chapters I was beginning to feel that this one was beautiful and by the end it came together. But not to the degree that it took away all that I truly did not like about this story.

If you want to follow this series in order, then yes I would say read this one. It's not a total bust, but it's not the best one in the bunch either. Which again sucks, because Mitch is my man and I love him. I just didn't love the story surrounding him.