Master of the Mountain (Mountain Masters #1) - Cherise Sinclair I have to say I really like this one.

Logan is hot and he scares me. But there is so much more to this beautiful and complicated Dom. He's well written and will win the hearts of many. Rebecca I love her. She is a complete contradiction though. She's strong and gives the impression to those who don't know, that she's confident within herself, but in so many ways this is not the case. She is not someone who is comfortable with playing the role of a victim either. (which I love) She is just one who has been told a lie about herself far too many times, and has grown to believe it.

Matt, I cannot stand this guy. UGH! We've all run across his type at some point in our lives. Whether directly or indirectly.

I only had one issue with the set up of this story which was early on, but all in all it's a good read. Very entertaining. I had a few laugh out loud moments with this one. But very relatable story in a lot of ways. And a few heart felt, and shocking moments as well. Oh and I can't forget... SEXY.

I recommend this read. I'm off to read about Simon *snickers*