Master of the Abyss (Mountain Masters #2) - Cherise Sinclair This one was just alright to me. I love Jake. And I think this one would have captured me more if this story focused more on him, since this series is mainly about the Doms not really their subs. The sub is to be incorporated to fit into the growth of whatever issue the Dom has to overcome. While still being an individual herself. But sadly I just didnt feel that with this story. It focusd way too much on Kallie and her issues, her issues seemed to over shadow Jake's and her issues weren't really all that interesting. Or believable. Why she still swore up and down that her cousins did not really love her considering they were the only ones who not only took her in, but they didn't pass her on to the next family member a few years later. Like all her other relatives seemed to do. Although this was explained at the end, the fact that she included these men in that belief that no one cared for her, just doesn't ring true. They took care of her, fussed over her, changed their home to accomadate her. Since she was the only girl, they wanted her to feel comfortable and know she was wanted. So her insecurities about them, just made her come off as whinny to me. And since she dominated the story, it killed alot of the story for me.

There was a bit of suspense, but still very predictable.
None of the sex scenes were really interesting to me. There was nothing hot about them or really passionate. Again I think this was because of Kallie. Her dominance of this story. So I couldn't get into her and Jake as being together.

There were some funny moments in this one though. And some sweet ones too. So I would still recommend this read. Especially if you are following this series. But it just wasn't really my cup of tea.

Between the first book, Simon's novella, and this 2nd book, I'm still holding firm to my belief that the absolute best book in this series was the first book. Logan's story.