Slade - Laurann Dohner

The action in this one definitely dominates more so than in the 1st installment. It's alot more suspenseful so it takes on a much more dramatic & serious tone. So I do love that about this one.

But Slade & Trisha, while cute together, didn't exude that passion, that heat, the unyielding emotion that I got from Fury & his mate in the 1st book. And that is what I think I missed the most in this book.

You will love Brass, he's such a sweetheart & I felt really really bad for him in a certain scene. And you meet alot of new & different intriguing New Species, which is great... And I got a GREAT surprise with this story that I did not see coming. I wondered if it would go there, but I still did not see it happening this soon. So it was a nice surprise.

Once the emminent danger seems to calm a bit, we get a bit more of the lighter, campy interactions between the characters that was very present in the 1st book. So again, I had alot of laugh out loud sweet endearing moments with this story.

I like this 2nd installment and would recommend this read.
On to book 3!