Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot I am highly disappointed in this second installment. Compared to the 1st book, which I thought was quite good, it felt as though I was not even reading about the same characters that I met in book 1. The "Teaser" you read on the back of this book, is just that a teaser.
It's like you've been shown previews that you are not going to see in the actual movie.

I will tell you what I dislike about this book.

1. EVERYONE IN THIS BOOK WERE ACTING LIKE COMPLETE IDIOTS. (with the exception of John) Which even then, I did not like his eager drive to willingly deceive Pierce through out this book. And we're talking about deception to the highest power here. Does one deceive so easily the one he claims to love? Her well being and what was in her best interests were always what was most important for Pierce right? According to John. Yet he had no problem letting go of this noble stance when it came to getting what he wanted. Consequences be damned. Yet the ones who were stuck in the underworld with him, this fact seemed to tear at his (John's) soul. "It's wrong" he said. "I would undo it if I could" he said. Yet he will condemn the one he actually loves to this place? To this life and purposely lie and deceive to achieve this. So by the time she figures out what's really going on it will be too late. Therefore taking away from her the right to have made a real choice in the matter. Not one that's just based on the fact that she loves him... Yeah a complete jacked up contradiction. And it doesn't stir the Kool-aid for me when it comes to the tone of this book and trying to win me over to John.

2. Why are you taking your own sweet time getting away when you KNOW that the Furies are there, where you are in that moment to kill you? Pierce is like the dumbest chick ever! Yet another thing that didn't flow with this story. And this happens for 75% of the book.

3. Your missing for 2 days. Your picture is in the paper. Your mother is beside herself as well as your father. The whole town knows you've been "abducted" yet when you run into your friends, they are reacting like you've just only been placed on a punishment of sorts by your parents. So then, they immediately go into a long drawn out discussion about absolutely nothing! And you're standing there, listening and talking. When you are suppose to be getting in and getting out. WTFreak is this?! Ridiculous is what it is.

4. The drama/suspense... Where was it?

The cliff hanger, should not even be considered that. Just another bogus and failed attempt to hook you to get to book 3. I'm not biting.
This was the worst 2nd installment to a trilogy that I have ever read. For a trilogy that started out so promising I'm HIGHLY disappointed.

So I can't in good faith recommend this read. I will not be moving on to the final book.