Chasing After Infinity - L. Jayne

I will however attempt to tell the truth about this book in my review. Since the author is asking for 6 dollars for this Kindle edition.

This book was horrible. And it was all over the place. From the constant mis-spellings to the inconsistency concerning the time frames, to the not so original plot and the way it was executed through out equals-NOT INTERESTING, IRRITATING, & POINTLESS READ.

The book starts out with a prologue in the present leading you into the past starting in May. Mom just died. Two weeks later its September, school has started and apparently they still have not had her mom's funeral *color me confused* then they are having the funeral in Sept (4 months later) but they are just meeting the funeral director. The next paragraph it turns into the actual funeral service then we're back in the "present" its October.. Then out of no where 7 months seems to have passed, we're in May. Next paragraph we're back in winter. Do you see how this back and forth time warp could really jack a person up trying to understand this story?

And the characters are all over the place as well. Nothing deep about them. Maybe Adrian. I would say that he carried the book but for majority of the book his POV is practically non existent. And his history/journey you miss a great deal of. He's just seen as an over sexed emotionless spoiled jerk with no hope of redemption. Although you see a spark of this trying to come through but the flow of the story snuffs it out.

Once you get through the pointless angst, you're headed for the Epilogue. Which is another inconsistent time warp cos it tells you 4 years after high school has passed when Adrian and Avena meet up again. Yet in the Prologue, when they are meeting up again in the present, before it takes you to how their story started, it tells you only 18 months have passed. So again, which is it?

The only way this one can be a good read is if...
1. This author withdrawls this version of this book from purchase and starts over.
2. get an editor to help track inconsistencies & spelling
3. Tell this story strictly from Adrian's POV, and expound more on his story. (It's the only thing interesting in this story which unfortunately, you don't get much of)
4.If you're going to use Avena's mother's death as a means of explaining her broken spirit, then find a better & more consistent way of tying that into the overall arc of the story.

This book just came off as super sloppy, no way of knowing how to find where it was truly wanting to go.
I can't in good faith recommend this read. If you still would like to read it, I would strongly suggest borrowing and not buying it.