Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3) - Cherrie Lynn Alot of heart in this one. I love that.

I have not followed this series but I must say this book has caused me to want to read the 1st two.

I LOVE Seth. He is... Wow. There are no words. But I think what I love the most about his character is his heart. He truly feels deeply. What endeared me to him is that he has no trouble admitting the truth or his feelings to himself. He may have problems doing this easily with others, but given the circumstances of his situation this choice is totally understandable. He doesn't hold back to have the upper hand or to play games. He does it cos he truly needs to be sure that it's the right choice to make. His issues with his brother and the betrayal there, broke my heart. His relationship with his Nana and her sickness, him dealing with that is exactly what I went through with my grandmother. He really pulled at my heart strings. Beautiful & heartbreaking.

Macy, I liked her. I didn't absolutely love her character though. She came off as a bit snobbish at times, and for what she has gone through in her life, it just didn't feel natural to me, her way of thinking at times in certain situations/circumstances. She was just a bit too judgemental for my tastes. But I think her and Seth definitely had a strong chemistry. A strong connection. I could definitely see them together for the long haul. I do so love them together.
And let me just say this story is beyond steamy. White Hot.

The over all story and secondary characters involved brings the right amount of spice & realism to this story. So it all came together beautifully.

I can't say if I would recommend this series. Yet. Since I have yet to read this one in order. But I would certainly recommend this read.
Seth... *sighs*