Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward ****spoilers****
Okay guys, my eyes kinda hurt.. I just finished reading Lover Avenged and this frickin book made me tear up too many times!!! and Laugh too.. and get just completely ticked off. On that note (which I will hold until I'm blue in the face)... NO I DO NOT CARE @ ALL FOR THE XHEX AND JOHN MATTHEW HOOK UPS!!!!!!!!!!! Emotionally & Physically these 2 SUCK TOGETHER.. I've already said that I like Xhex but not her being JM's mate. I don't care for these 2 @ all, meaning= not rooting for their relationship.

I feel Xhex and JM as indivuduals and I understand better where the two of them are coming from, even though there were moments when I wanted to jump through the book and just B**** slap the both of them. I love JR Ward, she is awesome @ her writing and the fact that she is able to bring out these types of emotions in me has only proven that she has done her job with this series so far. Even though I didn't care too much for V's and Phury's story, it did not take away from how I felt about them or the series as a whole. Which is why and I'm NOT sorry for saying this, XHEX and JM should NOT be together. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD...

It's going to take a SERIOUS chemistry makeover between JM and XHEX for me to change my mind about seeing them together in LOVER MINE.. Other than that as far as this book and the series so far, I still give ***** That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
*takes a breath*

Moving on....
Now, I fell in love with Rehv. I was always kinda scared of him and just felt he came off as way too shady. But reading his story totally changed my mind. Also I think that Lover Avenged is the only book in this series thus far that has subplots and other happenings all in sink with the story and was well balanced.

This book really made me fall in love with Wrath & Beth. I loved them together and I liked their book, but this one actually caused me to really feel their connection on all fronts. It was intense. So much so that I had to go back and re-read book 1.

Rehv & Ehlena I really loved how they came together & got to know one another. It was sweet, endearing, and felt totally realistic & I loved seeing Rehv's softer side with her. But Ehlena ended up ticking me off and y'all know why :/ but I guess she redeemed herself in the end. Of course Trex and iAm, LOVE them :D