Screaming in the Silence - Lydia Kelly 2.5 Stars

This book, IMO, was just not a good read. It wasn't horrible. I've read worse. It has some good moments. It had a good premise/plot to start from. But it wasn't executed properly.

The turmoil & fear, confusion Raleigh must have been feeling didn't really translate when it came to how she must have been feeling concerning Kaden & his place in her life. The role that he played in the horrific events that happened to her. I saw it on the pages clear as day. But the push and pull. The struggle with both of them, I didn't feel it.

The outcome: Although it lets you know that time has passed, things still felt very rushed. Something I can't quite put my finger on but alot was missing.

Bottom line I wasn't feeling this story cos I wasn't feeling Kaden & Raleigh. The events surrounding them as well, I didn't really care about. Although I knew why these things were occuring, I still found myself asking "What was the point?"

So I wouldn't recommend this read. If you'd still like to read it, I'd recommend borrowing it.

One positive is that it won't cause you too much frustration cos it's a not a very long read but it's not a short one either.