Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5) - J.R. Ward Okay, this is my least fave in this series. I just finished it today. The only good thing about this book was John Matthew and his transition cos I've been on edge wondering when that would happen and of course the supporting cast of the other characters and their parts in the story. There were still a few funny parts in this as well though...

I did not like Vishous's "confusion" with his feelings for Butch. Although I understood him, this was still gross and in my opinion never should have been apart of his story. Even when it made itself known in Butch's story. Also he and Jane just are not a good match at all! I mean even the way she is described so does not sound or feel like someone Vishous would fall for. and of course the fact that she still comes back as a ghost so they can still be together?!!! WTF!!! This was just so stupid!! I mean at least Rhage got to keep his woman human and intact!

Also the sex scenes sucked. I mean yeah there were some hot things going on in there a little bit but the freaky stuff uh uhh!! But overall I was just not feeling V all that well with his "love" for Jane. The only thing that felt real was when she actually died. This should never have been taken away by allowing her to come back..

I still say that Zsadist's story is the best story out of this series so far. Even though I have yet to read books 6 and 7. But this by far is the worst. I was really hoping Vishous's story would have been AWESOME "true"... lol