Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes I deserve a MAJOR pat on the back for finishing this book.

What I liked: Spelling errors aside and the fact that the author clearly forgot several times who was talking (you will notice this through out) I did like the way this one drew me in. It had enough mystery surrounding key elements within the story that I was very intrigued to learn more. I liked how Scott came into play. He has a way about him. As "Free" as he was with showing his love, he does endear himself to you. So I felt that he was written well.

The others surrounding Emma her family, friends outside of Scott, etc.. Were interesting. They kept the flow going very well.

There were a few shocking, entertaining moments here I must say.

But What I did not like was the constant back and forth and misunderstandings between Scott & Emma. It got to the point that once I was in 70% of the novel, I began to lose sight of what the actual conflict was between these two. Mind boggling, irritating, and just flat out petty stupidity abound. And it was mostly on Emma's part. I must say. If I had to listen to her in her head one more time about how she feels about Scott and other women, after she has constantly pushed him away... UGH!!! Or her doing the childish move of using strangers to make him jealous. *rolls eyes*

And just how many angry back and forth kisses can you give someone without following through? Well, according to this story, ALOT.

The very last chapter, the 2nd half of the very last chapter, you finally get some real progress with these two. And while you get a little dose of hotness that you will be salivating for at this point, it all still feels very rushed. *Gasps* Yes, rushed. After all the craziness and set backs you go through with these two, the ending still feels rushed. My guess is cos there was so much to get straight and cover. Things that could & should have been settled a few chapters prior. All of this leads you into the next crazy book to cover their story. Which if you were paying attention, I will not be reading.

If you want a headache. If you want to be irritated within an inch of your life. If you like being set on fire without really being hosed down, then by all means have a go with this book.
But I would not recommend it.