Taboo The Collection - Selena Kitt If Erotica is funny, then you're not doing it right...

This book gets 3 stars only because of the last 2 stories of(Clara & Becca) in this book. There was one I didn't read (In the fold) cos I'm not big on the f/f "love" so I skipped that one. If it had not been for the last 2 stories this one only would have gotten a 2 star rating from me for just making me laugh, cos OMGOODNESS! This book was not at all what I thought/or feared it would be... For one, it's not hot. Two, it read like really bad comical porn. I can't believe I was scared to read this! These stories are super cheesy and were cracking me up :D

And why does almost every "Daddy" story end with them packing their bags & running away with the daughter after they're done screwing? Every male with the exception of the last 2 stories in the "Daddy" books, could have been the same guy. Their mannerisms, their words, their temperment ALL THE SAME. And the wives seem to always be screwing someone else or just completely absent *rolls eyes* As if this is some kind of justification for them to be screwing their stepdaughters.

These stories sucked from either bad character developement, sex, or both. There were some that gave you a decent intro and character building, then the sex ruined it. Or you get a story that sucks on both fronts. But as I said before, the last 2 stories got ALOT better.

When it comes to the number of stories you get in this one,(10) I would say you get your money's worth. But if you're looking at the overall quality of what's on the pages, I would strongly suggest borrowing this one. But seriously, the whole book just came off like a comedy to me. So I did get a good laugh from it. I guess it wasn't a total bust.