Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning I was surprised in a good way with this 1st installment of this series. I thought that it was fresh, witty, scary at times, & completely off the wall.

I like the world building in this and character set up. There isn't alot of places in this one where the story drags. Which sometimes when u are reading in 1st person & dealing with world building happens alot. So I was happy that wasn't the case with this book.

Because I was just anxious to find out as much as I could about what Mac was experiencing or stumbling upon, I did find that I would get impatient & a little irritated with her flash backs in the middle of a scene when it felt like something was about to be revealed... Ergo the 3 star rating.

V'lane.. I do not like this dude! Ugh. He irked me with the power he has and the "compromising" positions he would put or leave Mac in.
Barrons.. Don't know what to say about this guy. He's mysterious, sexy, intelligent, & a complete arrogant a**! But he can & will surprise you at times in this one. I really like how things concerning he & Mac has not taken the predictable course when it comes to this type of story. This book leaves alot of questions to be answered & only makes me eager to know more about this world & the people in it.

You will definitely become invested in these characters I promise. I recommend this read.