This Same Earth: Elemental Mysteries Book 2 - Elizabeth Hunter Solid 4 Stars

A great second installment to this series. Heartbreak, suspense, drama, and erotic intrigue abound in this one. The stakes are getting higher. The clues are plentiful. We meet some great new characters in this one as the plot moves along. Love it. Alot more questions than answers in this one. But so what! I'm loving it.

Why I could only give this one 4 stars inspite of all this greatness, is because of one thing... Giovanni & Beatrice. Through the entire 1st book and for the majority of this one, their connection, their obvious pull/feelings for one another is beyond intense. That push and pull you feel from these two is incredible. Them trying to do the right thing, trying not rush or push the other. Wanting to make sure that the other is sure. These moments that constantly followed them was done superbly. You not only saw, but you felt it. Which is why I'm sad to say that their journey was far more erotic. Far more sexy and romantic than their actual destination. Their "explosion" LEFT ME WANTING BIG TIME.

And I hate when an author does this to me. Especially with a story such as this one. A story so rich & decadent. All the other elements surrounding this story are combined together beautifully. So when an author makes the personal journey of the main characters just as essential as the story surrounding them, then to reach their end and it leaves you with "What? Really? That's it? That's all I'm gonna get?!" How. Cruel. So this was why I could not give this one the 5 star rating I had hoped to.

That aside, the lead into the 3rd installment has me very very curious and anxious. I can't wait to dive in.

I HIGHLY recommend this series thus far :)