Scarred Love - M.S. Brannon Solid 2 Stars

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This book was so frustrating for me. The last 2 chapters it seemed to try to make sense of the jumbled mess you have experienced before that. But sadly it still was not enough to redeem it.

The prologue I have to say is the best semi-chapter written in this entire story. It sets you up nicely while keeping you completely intrigued, eager to know what will come of this young woman and her journey.

Then what immediately follows is a Tsunami of dysfunction that sadly is probably the norm for so many of our troubled youth. Fights nonstop. Physical & verbal, sometimes for most of the chapters. You never felt like you got a decent break from the drama to balance it all. Not to mention so many key points were complete with eye rolling induced contrivetivity(No this is not a word but you get my meaning)

Tons of underage drinking in plain sight of their Guardian who does not object. He even allows them to come into the bar he owns with fake ID's to drink. And this drinking is even highlighted amongst the adults but more so with the kids, as a good and proper way of dealing with their negative emotions at every turn. It's one thing to speak of the reality that comes with this unfortunate truth sometimes, but quite another to glamorize it. And that's what this felt like to me, Glamorized/glorified drinking your sorrows away. Never really got the impression that this behavior was changed for the better. Except with one secondary character but his journey to this realization wasn't really shown. Just something you are told about in passing early on in the story.

Attempted rape that is never addressed legally or in any real way for that matter. This bothered me only cos it served to be a key point in moving the plot along yet it was not rectified nor really touched upon in a realistic manner.

And how could I forget the drama filled love fest between our 17 year old heroine and her 27 year old Guardian, our Hero.

A 27 year old male who has no choice but to take on the responsibility of caring for his 3 younger siblings at the age of 18 due to horrific circumstances stemming from his mother's actions and then taking on the care of a young girl in need. This leads to the tangled web of how & why such a thing came about. Which brings us to our villain. While sadistic and completely off the reservation, he still did not come off as a real threat throughout this story. His presence/threats were a complete joke. I found it hard to believe that anyone could be frightened by or cowed to him in any way. Unless they are a child.

And while I had issues of the age gap between the H/h, I still found myself to be quite disappointed with how their story came to a close. All this anticipation (which wasn't that intense to begin with) finally is embraced with a...Yawn. Very disappointing.

Reggie could have been a solid, flawed yet beautiful lead hero in this story except for one thing... His voice. Sometimes, a lot of the time actually, he and Darcie could have been the same person when it came to their inner monologue.

So as you can see I didn't like this one. It had potential. It has the great recipe for a great story but sadly the author just did not know where to take it or how to execute it. And with the constant spelling mistakes/misplaced words, this kindle edition is not worth $5.99

So I personally would not recommend this read. If you still would like to read it I would suggest borrowing not buying.