Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning This was an okay read. I loved Brian only because he's the hot rock star fantasy man, but also actually has a brain, heart, & is selfless. Like I said Major Fantasy Man! Myrna, I started off liking her but she just got on my nerves by the end. Too much angst with her... The issue with her Ex felt like it was pointless to put the outcome in the book, because it was fixed all too quickly and easily. I feel like this should have been written as though her issues with him was apart of her past and she is still dealing with it emotionally, hence her love/trust issues with Brian. But there was no need to actually bring her Ex in the present time because like I said his presence & how he was dealt with, it was just too anti-climactic. Plus in the end she is still hearing her Ex's voice in her mind calling her a "whore" while she is making love to Brian.. (What was the point of this if emotionally she is "over it")

The sex scenes were hot but started to get on my nerves a bit with the threesomes & bdsm. It was just too much and it took away IMO the whole "Love" aspect where Brian & Myrna were concerned. There was a lot of funny scenes in this one as well though. I found myself laughing out loud alot.

I will be reading the 2nd book in this series cos I am very intrigued by Sed and his story. Hopefully his story will be way better than Brian & Myrna's.