Skin Deep  - J.M. Stone

Solid 3.5 Stars

What I loved
I loved Luke, his relationship with his brother, Brandon. The things that we are shown/told that went on in their lives & shaped Luke into the man you see. And I love his chemistry that he had with Emma. I also liked the relationships that Emma had with her family & friends.

There wasn't any pointless drawn out games concerning these two, as to how or when they were going to get together. Well maybe one, but I love that it was rectified quickly. It made sense & flowed well considering what Emma's fears were. But I love that she didn't dwell on them & according to Luke & her friends, it didn't matter anyway, cos Luke was going to have her. :D

They had an intense connection both emotionally & physically & I always love when that happens with the H/h. The sex scenes here were all well written & amazingly hot. They all came off as fresh & new. Nothing ever got stale reading about these two in the bedroom.

What I could have done without
There is a scene or half a chapter early on concerning Emma's oldest sister Jenna. This was the most pointless & OTT, & so not likely thing to occur, ever written IMO. I wish it would have been left out & maybe we (the readers) could have been given a different introduction to Emma's older sibling. That being said, at least it's very brief. Some may find it amusing & even cute, but I didn't.

Emma's younger brother Calland. He's 27 but seriously for majority of the book, he acts like he's 17. NOT CUTE... He should have been written in as younger. I could have overlooked this if his "antics" didn't dominate many scenes within the book.

Emma's choice of career change toward the end of the novel. Didn't agree with it. Mainly cos I know she took a major pay cut to do it, & her only incentive/motive for doing it was cos of Luke. Didn't like that. And to give up the type of boss/job that Emma had for what she went to? It's like trading in a fresh Lemon Grilled Salmon over a bed of soft lemon pepper rice, for fish sticks.

What I liked but still kinda left me wanting was...
The suspense/drama we get with this one. It's decent. It's enough to breathe a little life & spice into the overall story. I liked the build up. I was constantly wondering who this crazy person could be & why. What's the point? What's their motive or passion behind their actions & again WHO THE HECK IS IT?! So when all was revealed I was kinda like "What? That's who it was & that's why they did it?"
So I wouldn't say the reveal was a dud, but it didn't leave any major fireworks either. The fact that the reveal happens very late within the novel as well doesn't give it much room to be this great reveal or a beacon of closure from all the buildup that you get for it.

All in all I did enjoy this read. I laughed. I blushed & I walked away feeling good about the ending concerning Emma & Luke. So I would recommend this read.