Protection - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins Solid 4.5 Stars

I knew when I bought this book that I was going to wind up bat sh*t bonkers, after reading it. Why? Cos this story has what I call "The Human Condition" written all over it.

I mean this whole book had my emotions everywhere.
I was like...
photo tumblr_m2eg3uJFKM1qgynin_zps00084993.gif
photo crying02_zps5fa430a4.gif
photo tumblr_lke6isQsck1qh1dex_zps95796046.gif
A few other scenes had me like...
photo hyperventalating_zps6601ae11.gif

And the ending? OMGAWD! The ending had me like...
photo tumblr_lluja04WC21qdb5i8.gif

We've all heard, read, seen movies, even watched the news with the gory tales of what prison life is like for some. Maybe even from loved ones who have experienced it for themselves. Make no mistake, this book is raw, gritty & brutal with some of the details of that life.

We see here choices being made from all kinds of perspectives. Those things that drive us to choose things that under any other circumstance, may not have ever even entered our minds. With Gabriel & Joey, through their eyes, you see these harsh truths. The pain, the brutality, fear & uncertainty of it all. Yet still under all the gruesomeness & muck. The pain & beyond, you witness a rare and all consuming love that cannot be defined. That refuses to be put in a perfect, understood box of normalcy. It is what it is. So let's just leave it at that.

Gabriel I HATED this man. And I hate him even more for making me not only feel for him, but understand him. And dare I say it? Forgive him. He is beyond complicated. He is a man who has done many, many bad things. Yet he still has many good layers of his heart that always contradicted his actions. But if you pay attention, you'll see & understand why.

Joseph(Joey) What would I do if I were him and in his situation? Honestly, probably the exact same things that he did. The same choices I would have made. This man broke my heart. The things he had to endure. The fact that everything, and I do mean everything, was taken away from him through no fault of his own. But he still somehow in the midst of all of this never lost his power. He still remained who he was to his very core. He is one very beautiful and honorable man.

These 2 men had me balling, screaming, cursing, blushing, & everything in between.

If you're looking to read a standalone m/m romance, with the complicated text of circumstance & a bittersweet ending, then I HIGHLY recommend that you read this book.

The only other advice I have to give, if you decide to read this, is...
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