Tempted (Alex Kennedy, #1) - Megan Hart WOW!!! This book is beyond DEEP! Ms Hart did a superb job with this one. The characters, issues, dialogue, etc.. Please do not let the cover fool you or cause you to stray away from this one. This book deals deeply with the all too real emotions & reality involved when allowing another/or others (third parties), into the sanctity of your marriage, home, bed, body, & heart. Passively or Aggressively allowing others to set or dictate the tone of your life and the person you have chosen to share your life with.

It deals with outside family issues on both the husband, the wife's, and the Lover's sides. If you pay attention you will see the parallels with James allowing his mother to interfere with he and Anne's marriage with him also allowing Alex in as well.

Highly emotional & slap you in the face heart wrenching. This one is about the ties that bind us to those in our lives. Whether they are physically present or not, how they still are very much in control of how we view ourselves. What we think we want as opposed to what we need and should be seeking. How easy it is to get caught up. Going into dangerous things based on the feelings of the moment rather than what lies beneath, with our EYES WIDE SHUT. Only to realize way too late how Blind, Deaf, and Dumb we really were.

This is about facing the truth and taking responsibility for your actions. Making the tough choices not based on fear or selfishness, but on what's right and lasting.

This one does not have the ending some may hope or expect. But I will say this, it's an ending far too realistic to brush off. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE.. You will get it I hope.