The Witch's Dream (Order of the Black Swan, #2) - Victoria Danann Solid 1.5 Stars-*Mild Spoilers*

This book was extremely disappointing for me.

For one, this book wasn't about Storm & Litha it was about what everything looked like & what everyone was wearing. In great detail, of every single paragraph I might add. And our beloved Ram & Elora took center stage in this one as well. While I love me some Ram, & his coupling with Elora was wonderful, FOR THEIR BOOK. They took up too much precious time in this one. And way too much of the spotlight from Storm & the development for he & Litha. But honestly the first 50% of this novel was given to the description of every single thing pertaining to furniture & clothing. WHO THE HECK CARES?! I'm all for set up & while this lyrical prose was more than welcome in book 1, it had no place in this book. It was way too drawn out. It caused the story to drag & to top it all off, it was pointless. If half the effort was put into the development of Storm & Litha's story & basically the whole plot for that matter, that was put into the description of inanimate objects, this story would have been beyond incredible & an added wonderful 2nd installment to this series.

The book started off with promise. You get a brief but informative background on Deliverance A new demon character who appears to be the central focus for the plot & for Litha. But you soon come to see just how badly the author drops the ball with this. Just how "simple" his place turns out to be within this story. How easy & utterly unbelievable (and not in a good way) & ANTI-CLIMACTIC, the turn of events become from his actions & the aftermath of all things that are resolved, or should I say NOT resolved....Mainly Kay & Katrina??? Where was Kay's reaction to when Litha came back? Where was his demands for answers with Litha about Deliverance concerning what occurred with the love of his life Katrina? None of this was even touched on after the fact. For that matter, where was Litha's reaction upon learning her true heritage? I mean this all left me like...
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But yet we're getting constant updates on pointless crap with the families, their surroundings, what they're eating & how happy & in love Ram & Elora still are?
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And what's the deal with ALL of the main characters leaving The Order? This is only the 2nd book!

Also, I must get this off of my chest... Look, I get & am all for the Female Empowerment Movement. But you can't have a lead heroine be excellent with EVERY SINGLE THING she tries without encountering obstacles. It's not believable & it doesn't always endear the heroine to the readers. It's more likely to irritate them. Like now. Heck even their male counterparts aren't excellent with everything they try. I was willing to over look this a bit in the 1st book, even though it was pushing the envelope then. But it's just getting flat out ridiculous now in this book. Case & point? You'll see when Elora yes, the Queen of "I do everything right the first time & with flare" has her 1st meeting with the handsome Werewolf King, Stalkson Grey *rolls eyes*

Oh & nothing hot happens in this book. No blood pumping, highly deserved carnal pleasure after the suffering, of any kind, happens.
There are some things that allude to this, but nothing shown worth reading about that will make you happy.

I must be honest & admit that this entire book has been kinda ridiculous. But it doesn't stop me from being curious about what will happen next in book 3. I'm really hoping that this book was just one of those books you just have to get through in a series & the horribleness of it is not a trend. Cos there is so much going on, so many different characters being introduced that you will have to read them in order.

I can't recommend this book on the grounds of it being another great installment to the series. As you can see I'm HIGHLY disappointed with it. But I will say you should read it if you are committed to reading this series in order. Especially if you're basing your hope & expectations on how good book 1 is. As I did myself.

I'm just warning you to not expect to be blown away with this one. Your love or hate for this book, could go either way.