Skin - Bernadette Gardner This one was a bit surprising. Going into this one you get the impression you know where it's heading. Though some aspects of this story may feel quite familiar, in a zippy & unexpected twist, you find you're getting something more, something a little different. That upon first view, it may feel out of place but it quickly changes your mind.

Darq Stone Love this name btw. But I love the guy even more. You'll see ;)

Makena I really liked her. No games & no unnecessary angst with her. Very refreshing.

This one ends with no cliffhanger but it does end with the tone of "What's gonna happen to them? What lies ahead?" I for one am definitely curious about the make up of Darq & where the future will lead. So hopefully another novel will answer these questions.
*hint hint*

I can't give the 5 star I wanted cos of one fact... There was always this promise of more from Darq. He would always allude to giving Makena more or holding back cos he feared/knew she couldn't handle his "brand" of passion. While his "brand" was definitely on point & hot, it wasn't any different from what any other man with a high sex drive & who was extremely generous, could give to her.

So I felt a bit let down with the erotically possessive, passionate, all new experience we were promised, but was never delivered.

I will say this was a great read with an interesting paranormal twist. I would recommend this read.