Adrienne - D. Renee Bagby This was just an alright read for me. It starts out strong. With plenty of intrigue, mystery, & hotness. But once you reach the middle,the story drags with the development of the plot & characters.
Things don't pick up again until you're 85% in the novel. Once you reach 95% mark the explanations become way too complicated in it's simplicity of the answers. If this makes sense? Basically, very simple conclusion but unnecessarily complicated in the explaining of it.

It has a nice futuristic feel,(while remaining in the present times) & a mild sci-fi undertone to it. With a sprinkle of multi-cultural & fantasy in the mix.

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LOVE him! But there was still something missing. I can't quite put my finger on it. He's fierce. He's loyal. And you understand & believe that he is someone you DO NOT cross. Yet still he wasn't raw enough for me. This is actually bugging me cos I really, really like the dude.

Adrienne: I like her. Although her "being perfect at everything & not realizing it" or having to "work" for it, was played to death in this novel. And it really got on my nerves. I see why this book was called her given name, but she just wasn't that interesting to me. I feel that maybe this book should have been named Malik or better yet, Bron, the country/world they reside in.

I guess this one falls short with me cos I wanted more intensity felt & shown with Malik & Adrienne as a couple & individually. There was a promise of this early on, but it just wasn't quite captured as the story moved along. And the way certain things were so readily accepted didn't ring true for me either.

Still, it's an interesting story with an interesting twist. So I would recommend this read.