Aran: Love me Harder  - Alien Paranormal Romance - Serena Simpson, Lori Merlotti
Okay I have to be fair and give this one at least a 3.5* rating..

I liked the premise. I thought it was interesting. I liked the chemistry between the MC's always a good thing. And I liked how you got a glimpse of all of Aran's brothers. Very different males on appearance and personality. Does make you want to come back to see them all in their own story.

What I didn't like was that the "Beast" within that makes Aran and his family different, wasn't visited upon as much as I feel the story warranted. You just got VERY brief cameos with it. 4 to be exact. Out of the whole novel. If this beast is a big part of Aran's make up, and it is a paranormal story, then we need to see more of it. Details and situations where it's needed to make its presence known. Didn't get nearly enough of that here. Disappointing for me. Also more hotness with the couplings would have been nice too.

Now, I don't know if the Author saw some of the many reviews complaining about spelling and grammar, and went back and changed that, but I did not encounter any of that here when I read this book. So Kudos for changing that. I did however encounter what many reviewers stated that it was hard to know who was speaking to whom in any given scene. This unfortunately was true. You could be in the middle of a conversation and lose track of who is saying what. Which made the writing very choppy and threw you out of the flow of the story. VERY annoying at times. The fact that this was a common theme through out the book was not good. So the physical aspect of the writing needs to be a lot tighter.

But based on the premise, the characters, and the continued on going plot; I would recommend this read. I may give book 2 a try sometime in the near future.