"Where Winter Finds You" by JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood #17.5

— feeling bad egg
Yeah.. I wasn't crazy about this one. Honestly, Ward should have left this one alone. I got why she went the route she did with Trez in "Shadows" though it was heartbreaking and the glue that held the explanations of Selena's illness were flimsy at best, still I got it. It felt way more organic to me than this TOO SOON reunion/second chance for Trez. I would have felt better if Therese was just someone he fell for with no other link to him whatsoever. *shrugs*

Now, I did love that I got a story where the book was totally just about the MC's, something I haven't gotten in sooo long with the original BDB, it still felt like I was being Told how I should feel about these two, and not really being allowed to see it unfold for myself. If that makes sense?
Trez and Theresa spent way too much time in their own heads for me. Even when they were together. Just not enough dialogue or opportunity for things to just flow with them IMO. Was a let down. Not to mention not enough hotness here for me either. UGH!!! Trez is my baby. Why I couldn't enjoy him the way I had hoped, kills me.

The explanation as to why Trez and Therese crossed paths to begin with, was a decent explanation. I liked that. It was more solid than the explanation of why he was so heartbroken in the first place that's for sure.

This felt like a filler book to me. More like a 445 page Novella that did not need to be this long. Also it felt like a half apology by Ward for those who were just so ticked about the "Shadows" book. I think Ward should have waited longer when she had more inspiration to work with, if she wanted to give Trez a second chance. Cause this just was not it.. Weird too, because when I met Therese in the "The Thief" I think it was, I was actually rooting for a good story between them...

In any case, I'm only giving this 3 stars because of Trez and iAm, a few cameos of my faves, the Epilogue, and that 1st time locked corridor encounter ;)