Three Times The Fun by: Blythe Reid


Okay. I was kind of surprised by this one. Make no bones about it, this is a very sexy raunchy read. LOTS of freak nasty here. But in a sensual, good, everyone consents type of way.

It has all the predictable tropes. New Divorcee', hot guy(s) great sex/chemistry etc., but within that predictable simplicity, it did something VERY original and IMO, refreshing for a read like this. There was NO drama with the past threatening to ruin the present or the promise of a future. I liked the fact that here we're seeing consenting adults who are completely open and upfront & honest about EVERYTHING with themselves and one another. And because of that, their arrangement morphs into something that even they were not expecting, but they took it and went with it. :)

This was a quick reverse harem read that left a feel good, dare I say it, romantic mark in the end.

Yes. I would recommend this FREE read.