Dark Longing (Pure/ Dark Ones Book 2) - Aja James


I still have no clue what to say about this 2nd installment to this series. All I know is that I LOVED every confusing, freaky, frightening, poignant verse, thought, and scene this book shared with me.

It was dark, erotically beautiful, and I saw everything as if I were watching it unfold on a screen. The same as when I was reading book 1. In case you don't know this about me, I LOVE when my books afford me this type of perk. I get lost in everything. Oh and I got my Hubby hooked on this series too ;) He was so enthralled with the first 5 chapters of this one, he stopped and went back to book 1 to get the whole experience from the beginning.

This is a very involved plot it has so many characters, plights & POV's there's no way you should tackle this series out of order. Everything that occurs has a cause & effect. A point. It's just way too tightly woven together for you to attempt a book out of order. I strongly suggest you start from the beginning and keep going.

Based on what I've read and experienced with these first 2 books, I would highly recommend this series. I love both books equally, but for very different reasons. But that's the way journeys are supposed to be. They have you all in your feelings :)

Love, Peace, and Joy :)