Undeserving - Madeline Sheehan

OMGOODNESS!!! love this story. Had me in tears majority of the time. I wish things could have been way hotter with Preacher & Debbie(Eva's Mom), it just seemed way too tamed for Madeline within this series. Considering with what we've been given with the other stories in this series. So that left me wanting BIG TIME. But the execution of all other things here, and the way certain things were brought to light, I had to still give this one 5*.

Although, and this is an after thought, THE REVELATION of the the unexpected truth that Preacher found out, I wish somehow, the details of that could have been given to us, the reader, in real time. Like a truth only we actually get to see but the characters will never know.

Other than that, this was an awesome read. I would HIGHLY recommend this one.
I recommend this entire series. Please read in order.