Chasing Desires by Kasey Martin

Now, don't get me wrong here. There were many great elements to this book. Which was why it got 3 stars from me. The reasons why I couldn't give more, was because of these two deal breakers for me...

1. This story did not focus on the main couple's personal connection enough for me. It had all the elements that the synopsis gives for this book, but they weren't really explored in depth enough to make me feel like "WOW! Lorenzo & Chase are epic together. Their love and plight just can't be denied!"... THIS is what I was hoping to feel with these two, but was left wanting in that way. Part of this issue was because there are too many other couples' revisits in this book, that took center stage away from Lorenzo&Chase. And when you add that to the other major elements needed to tell the story of the plot as to why Chase & Lorenzo's worlds were intertwined to begin with; their story together as a couple, suffers.

2. MAJOR PLOT HOLE- The truth of Lorenzo's parents and how he came to be and how certain things were easily kept secret. If you read this you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about the moment you read this reveal. It's like how could something so major be overlooked when explaining it all. SMH.

So these are the main reasons why this was not the 5 star read that I was anticipating. 
Everything else that contributed to this tale was well thought out though. Had enough mystery surrounding these people that it kept me interested and wanting to know how it would come to a close. So this is why I gave the fair rating of the 3 stars.

Though the true Villains here, I felt their payback should have ended with a much better bang, and the less rushed thud, that we get instead. But oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.