Barbarian's Touch (Ice Planet Barbarians, #7) by Ruby Dixon

I may go back and read Books 3&6, since I skipped over those, but after that I'm thinking that I will be done with this series. It's kinda starting to fizzle out for me as the books go on. And this was was my least fave of them thus far.

Way too much inner dialogue for both MC's here. I get Lila is deaf, so her inner monologue was needed in certain scenes, but I just wish their interactions with one another was just a bit more than what I got here. I love when Rokan finally learns ASL. That made their interactions a little better, but still it was too little too late for me. Usually the interactions between the characters when they can't communicate in a traditional sense, is really intriguing and at times intense, but not here with these two.

Aside from Lila's plight, their story just really was not all that interesting to me. *Shrugs*

I'm really mad that I used my 1st monthly freebie read on this one. Now I have to wait till next month to get another free read. #Bummer