The Alien's Dream #5 by Zoey Draven

OMGoodNess!!!! Yes!!!

I thought I knew which book was my fave. Well, actually I loved all of these equally I think, but for different reasons. But for some reason #5, Vikan just cut me deeper than all of the others. Just Wow. A Great way to begin my Christmas morning by ending this story. It was just beautiful.

I am eager to read the rest of these. I believe #5 marks the end of the Warriors for Luxiria, concerning the Ambassadors and Leaders, but it picks up with the outcasts that were spoken of briefly in certain books. I cannot wait! These stories were just richer to me on many levels. I love how each story is truly different than the last one. The layers and situations just get deeper and deeper for these Alien Warriors and the women who love them.

Seriously, I've never been so enthralled with Alien sci-fi until I found this series. It's awesome.
If you're curious start at the beginning and PLEASE read in order.