Christmas Arrest by Mila Raphael

This was just a horrible book. Thank God it was just a dollar. I failed to see what made this such a "scorching" holiday read. The story just didn't flow organically enough to be believed or at least get you caught up in the characters. There was just nothing there for me. And the "hotness" factor wasn't there for me either.

Also way too many typos. Kept throwing me out of the flow of who exactly was talking at times. Others, I had to read a sentence a few times to make sure I was understanding it, because either words were added that shouldn't have been, or words were missing.

I personally would not recommend this read. It had promise yes, from the way the story began. But it just failed to deliver on all the points that it says it does.

The fact that it was just a dollar, and a very quick read are the only pluses to this book.