Claws And Fangs - Laurann Dohner
Okay, so it's been a minute since I've actually had the time to write a review on a book I actually liked. So here goes...

I was right. #3 in this book totally blew stories 1&2 out of the park. Though 1&3 are actually my faves.
My rating for all 3 stories here separately, are as follows.
#1- 4 and half ****s
#2- 3***s
#3- 5*****s

Story number two was okay. I just was not feeling their overall coupling and how they came to be. But certain aspects of their plight as individuals was still interesting for me.

If you are fans of Mrs. L.D. (New Species Author), you will definitely appreciate the insta-love she has rocking here with these characters of hers in a traditional Vamp/Werewolf setting.
I really like just the overall ambience and layers that come with this mini trilogy.

So if you liked New Species and are curious, I would recommend this read.

#HappyReading :)