Deviant - Jaimie Roberts

WTHeck kinda fresh hell was this?!

This book just sucked. It took way too long to get to the point of why this dude felt so strongly about punishing this girl. You don't know the why of it, until about the 88% mark of the book. 

"Making her pay for all that she's done"
I promise! If he said this line one more time, without telling me why, I was about to throat punch his a&&... And what was finally revealed? Sorry, but the punishment did not fit the crime AT ALL.
And I knew it! I knew that his issue was something that could have been cleared away then and there, if he just went to her when it happened. I also figured out who set the mess in motion in the first place, way before that was revealed too. Oh and how quickly that person came to an end. 
So anti-climactic it hurt my feelings.

And how the heck did she truly figure it out? It doesn't tell you or show you how she figures it out by just doing a little research online. Hell, if that's all it took, she could have done that 18 chapters ago! Still even though you know what she's researching, it still didn't show you how she connected those dots. Smh. 

The only thing that was good about this story, was her relationship with 16 year old Jeremy
This was the only touching and real thing about this book. From how they met and formed their bond. It was all organically and emotionally sound. And flowed well. Too bad this still could not save this book.

The ending sucked only to leave way for a crappy cliffhanger, to get you to buy book two.
But this chick here, has left this crazy train and I will not be returning.

If you haven't figured it out yet, No. I would not recommend this read.