Billionare Baby Daddy A Second Chance Romance by Lara Swann

Nope. The heroine got on my nerves. She was hung up on stuff that made no sense for someone in her position. Like she clung to the drama just for the sake of it. How are you going to have a problem accepting something that was offered to you freely, that same something that you went there for in the first place? Smh.

I also hate that there are no real descriptions of what the characters look like. Hard to picture or see the folks whose head that you're stuck in. The only endearing character here is Maddie the little girl, and the only realistic character is Emma the best friend.

The chemistry between Alistair & Leah seemed like it was there, but when it seemed like it was going to present itself it was lukewarm at best. And the opportunities did not come nearly enough for me. Also when they did appear, there were just too many "Fade to Black" scenes in this regard.

So no. I wouldn't recommend this one. It got on my nerves so bad I actually skimmed the last few chapters.