"Imagine Me" by Fiona Cole

Okay... I now know why I had such an enormous pull/need to read this book.
It totally showcased in many ways, what occurred with my hubby and me. 
Seriously Ms. Cole, were you reading my journal when you penned this?! 
I mean some of the things here scared me they were so similar. LOL

My heart shattered and was put back together in the most awesome way. I love this story.
It's funny, sweet, passionate, poignant in it's prose. I love the chemistry between Shane & Juliana I love every single character in this book actually.

Shane had me wanting to do this to him for most of the book though..
photo 8052893_zpsbadda30e.gif

But I also loved and hated that he had me crushing on him big time. Just falling all kinds of dis-functional love with him. He had me like.. 
photo 10003149_zps19dff140.gif

He's such a Jerk Monkey to be able to have my emotions all in knots like this. But I love his broody a&&.
But mainly, again, I just loved where this story took me. How it reminded me of my own personal journey in many ways. It was just awesome.
I would highly recommend this read.
HappyFunSexyReading ;)

Ms. Fiona Cole, THANK YOU! so much for writing this book and gifting me a copy to read it.