Absinthe - Winter Renshaw


It was a good book. The first 75% of it was awesome.. But the last 25% it felt like I was reading a completely different story concerning the main characters. Where they end up and how, left me wanting big time. I see what you meant Princess J, about how it felt like the author was holding back in ways she really didn't need to.

The story, IMO, suffered greatly because the author was afraid to truly go there. At least this is the impression the author left for me. I felt as though there were many really intense paths this story could have taken, just given the characters and their plight. It was very clear the numerous directions in which this story could have gone. But I hate to say it, the author, IMO, chose the easiest and most common route possible. The depth that you think you'll get from this one is just not there towards the end. Many things were missing, lost and quite frankly; glossed over a bit.

The closing of the story was way too rushed as well. And just way to simplistic of a conclusion, considering the way the story started and what occurred in the middle of their journey.

I would say the first 75% of this read is a solid 5 stars. But by the time you're done, it falls to a solid 3.
It's still a good story though. Solid characters. 
I would still recommend this read.

Happy reading :)