Three, Two, One (321) - J.A. Huss

I walked away from this one a bit disappointed. For a time there, there were many things that looked promising. I will say the story kept me engaged. It kept me wondering what would happen next and why. But when it was time to bring all the chaos & mystery together to paint a picture of why this was all happening, it just fell way flat for me. 

The ending, for me, didn't feel like the story was closing. It felt like it was finally beginning.

I'm personally not bothered by all the hotness in this book. For me the hotter the better. What bothers me is that there was no balance between the hotness & the story itself. So I can see why many would be quick to say it was too much sex here. I've read plenty of books with much physical hotness in the mix. The difference between those stories and this one, is that there was a true, clear point/ purpose as to why all the physical love was there. Some how it was one of the many things that showed growth emotionally with the main characters involved.
Here, it feels like it was just thrown in there between the main characters, often, so they could have something to do.

So, yeah.. This held alot of promise overall, but in the end it just couldn't deliver for me.