Defining Destiny - Deanna Chase

This story would have been so much better, and at least a 4 star read for me, without the added & Unneeded element of Soul Mates. Especially if in this version, a soul mate isn't someone you'll end up with. That your soul mate can & most likely will be bad for you & the whole of your life. That they're either selfish, self centered lying a&&holes, or they're dead.
WTActualF is that? The fact that you can have a deeper more whole connection to someone who isn't your soul mate, renders this story completely pointless.

There were things that were interesting & even loving and sexy here. But that goes for the story outside of the whole destined mates things. This book would have been fine without the confusing & disppointing mess of the soul mate angle.

So no, I can't say I would recommend this one. I would say skip it.
It's hard to ignore the added elements here. It really mucks up the story as a whole that other wise would have been a decent read.