Paid Companion - Nia Forrester

I think this one would have been a 5 star read for me, if we would have been shown the conclusion of what actually happened between Blake & his Father.

With so much emphasis put on what would happen if their father knew the truth, and why Lia was put in place to begin with, I felt it lacking that we didn't get to see what actually unfolded when the truth was finally told. I felt cheated out of that reveal & the revelations that came later because of that. It all was treated and told as an after thought. I didn't like that.

Though it was great to see how the siblings got over their issues that had been present since they were children. I did love how Lia eventually came to fit into their mold, having her own valid place with each of them individually. I liked that. But it all seemed lacking because of the one missing element with their father & Blake

Also I wish I would have seen how their father and mother remained married and went on to have Nicki Considering all the ugliness happened years before her birth. I would have liked to see how they got passed all that & still remained together after all these years.

But, overall, this was a good read. I liked many things about the layers of these characters. What kept them together & all the things that threatened to tear them apart.

Happy Reading :)