Grip - Kennedy Ryan

This is what I'm talking about. THIS is how you write an awesome story.
I must say that in order for you to get the full scope of the dynamic between Bristol & Grip, and all that they encounter here, you MUST read the Prequel, "Flow" first.
DO NOT dive into book 1 without reading the Prequel beforehand.

Now, I just loved both books. I had to immediately start book 1 after reading that Prequel.
What I love about this journey with Grip & Bristol was the rawness here. You can't tell a story such as theirs' without going to that place. The Truth. NOTHING was sugar coated or glossed over. It was real. It was open. And it forces you to not only look but truly see, understand, and empathize with what's going on.

The social structures addressed here within our society. How they affect everything, from what we see, think, feel presume etc.. And sadly how we love. Who we choose to love. I love how everything was approached here. How real and raw. Just the honesty here. It's beautiful.

What I love the most about this story is how we are forced to face the negative here. The truth within that darkness, but how that darkness never over shadows the positive. How yes, we all need to be aware of these things. Stop trying to act as though these things don't really exist. But also how we should never cease in striving for the positive. The beauty & all that brings to our lives. What is right. What is pure. What True love and compassion really look like.

I love how all of this was woven so well, into a very passionate, inspiring love story.

I HIGHLY recommend this read. I strongly urge you to read the Prequel "Flow" and then come here to "Grip" These are awesome reads

Happy Reading :)